Sacred Murals Studio was founded in Saint Petersburg (Russia) by family couple of iconographers, Philip Davydov and Olga Shalamova in June 2001.

Works of Philip and Olga are best described by Irina Yazykova, - art critic, working with contemporary iconographers:

Philip and Olga are one of the most remarkable icon painters in St. Petersburg. Their panel and mural painting is professional and artistic; they have developed their original style, while upholding strict canon rules and deep tradition. In the modern Orthodox art these qualities often do not blend.

One can say that Philip and Olga typify a new generation in icon-painting in the sense that they relate to a new stage of its development. Generally, those who came to the icon-painting workshop in the 1980s - early 1990s remain under great pressure of tradition, which does not allow them to create freely. Indeed, they witnessed violation of sacred places and obliteration of the Orthodox tradition as church culture was neglected for decades. While restoring it, they venerated both sacred images and specific samples, trying to reproduce them as closely as possible to the original. Meanwhile, modern copies attain neither the depth of spirituality, nor the artistic quality of the ancient monuments. The period of replicas has been exhausted; nevertheless some iconographers persist in cloning old masterpieces.
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