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Dome Decoration In St. John The Evangelist Church In New Brunswick (NJ, USA)


Muralist Philip Davydov Painting FrescoDeisis truefresco dome decoration was made in St. John the Evangelist church in New Brunswick (NJ, USA) in April 2004. Height of the Christ's figure is about 1,70 meters (6 feet), and the total size of the composition is about 10 sq. m.

The space of pseudo-gothik church architecture gives certain particular defenition to this church interior characteristics. So, this fresco mural decoration was made in harmony with the existing architecture. We have chosen Romanesque model for this fresco, because romanesque images fit this type of architecture best.

After this fresco we have received many positive opinions and we are happy to continue our communication with the parish of this church.

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See the working process closeups. The fresco composition was divided in parts for better realization of the project. First - painted marbles, second - Christ's figure, third and fourth - Holy Mary and St. John the Divine images.
Romanesque Christian Mural Christian Altar Decoration Holy Mary Image In Work

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