August 2016

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August 2016

Dear Friends,

That was a loooong silence, – sorrrrry! So much going on, NO time for typing 🙁

_DSC9637_cr_2And it’s the middle of August already! Started to put together the text and images for publishing… – it’s simply too much for a “Letter” in it’s usual form. What to do, we added WordPress module to our website, for our news to be cooked in a better oven.
(Yes, – they are still too many for one Newsletter, I just hope you may check the sections gradually, one after another, especially since there almost 2 hundreds of photos)…
So, here they are in chronological order:

    1.  exhibition_and_workshop_in_abingdon02Last May Olga and myself were invited to make an exhibition of icons and teach an icon workshop in Saint Helen’s church in Abingdon (Oxfordshire, UK).Right for the exhibition Olga painted 5 icons of Early British Saints, one of which was donated to Saint Helen’s parish as a sign of our gratitude. You can see icons individually in a special album, or click the photograph on the right to see them at Saint Helen’s.
    2. 12274471_10203886999214226_4606563841399491656_nRight after Britain we have finally completed an article, dedicated to Exhibition of Contemporary Iconographers of Russia and it was published in Orthodox Arts Journal. The OAJ editors informed me it had lots of views, from our side I just have to say it was a hard work even to put together all these most simple words about such an ambiguous. I have also posted some photos at our Flickr, and use this moment to say I am sorry for the color balance on them, – lighting was bad indeed!
    3. icon_painting_workshops_usa_2016_002In the middle of June we had two scheduled icon painting workshops in the USA, and this was as always a great experience for us. First was in Wesley Seminary (Washington DC, for the third time) and second in Gage Academy of Arts (Seattle WA). I uploaded photos to Flickr to show them larger-
    4. Overwhelming quantity of trips and different events was not good for thoughtful icon painting process, so we made a tumbled glass image of a peacock (with Lev’s help), that brought an idea of adding special “mosaic” section to our “Gallery of Murals” – (right below the frescoes). Picture on the right shows the working process, click it to see more.
    5. _DSC9733In the middle of July we were invited to an event near Moscow, called “Laboratorio de Arte Sacra” (because originally this initiative was started by some italian artists in Sicily) – a conference, combined with an exhibition. The participants were mostly artists from Russia with a group of the Italians, who also showed their artworks, architectural projects and shared thoughts. There were lots of icons, mosaics and other images and projects demonstrated, great thoughts discussed:
    6. Contemporary-christian-art-russia-july-2016-087Right after this conference Olga and myself visited were honored to visit studio of Irina Zaron and Sergej Antonov. After that – a couple of churches in Moscow, decorated by a famous mosaic master Alexander Kornoukhov, so i decided to put all these images together to keep together contemporary Christian art – 117 photos in total:
    7. _DSC3283Few days after this trip we visited our Fine Art Academy classmate Svetlana Sorokina, who is our old friend, being also a great old fan of Romanesque art, and currently living in France. Her family hosted us and lended us a car, so we had a wonderful opportunity to visit numerous Romanesque churches, see medieval frescoes and carved tympans for almost three weeks.romanesque_images-043I have uploaded just a few, – please, let me know if among our subscribers there is any serious interest to their most powerful expression and spirituality…
      And if the interest is serious, I am happy to say, that  we know another person with same love to Romanesque art, and happily he also is a good tour guide! – Here is a little text I am happy to share if anyone wants to see this art in situ.
    8. romanesque_images-008Our friend and Sacred art fan fr. Ilya gotlinsky is planning an icon trip to Russia and trip of Romanesque monuments in Europe in season of 2017. He would like to know how much interest there is as he is currently working on the schedule of his travels for next year. For detail please contact him directly at All updates will be eventually posted to his website all of fr. Ilya’s trips are open to all. He is looking for a fruitful and edifying collaboration with our studio and our students. We personally would like to recommend him as a good friend and courteous and reliable professional we have dealt with.
    9. At the end a little diptych of wedding icons by Philip Davydov, painted in spring but only published now:
    10. And at this moment I finally say a Good by. Thank you for your time and patience and hope you enjoyed reading and watching! Please, let us know your opinion, questions and comments!With warmest regards,
      Philip Davydov (and Olga Shalamova)
      19 August 2016.

3 thoughts on “August 2016”

  1. Dear Mr. Davidov and Ms. Shamalova, So good to get an update about your life and work, and share your recent travel photos to conferences and shows. This enlarges my world. Any chance of you teaching another workshop in summer 2017 in Seattle, Washington, USA? I’ve been studying your photos of your icons and have so many questions about the way you work, techniques you use, etc. A class in my area would be wonderful.

    1. Dear Julia,
      THank you very much for your attention to our work and for the kind words! I think I have made a technical mistake and when making the Newsletter for sending out I added a wrong link – to this our first Newsletter in new format.

      To see the latest news, please, follow another link:

      With warmest regards,


  2. Dear Philip,
    I recently participated in your June 2017 icon workshop in Seattle. Such a rewarding, uplifting experience! Technical note: after much internet searching I found the proper name for the little pigment grinding dishes you used in your workshop. I thought they were mortars, such as the type used with pestles to grind spices, etc., but they are actually “Evaporation Dishes.” I found a source for them on line at BME Lab & Science Store After success with the dishes, I moved on to locating sources for the ingredients in your egg tempera varnish recipe. That was more challenging! I found Copal Picture Varnish, Spirit of Petroleum and Cobalt Drier at Raw Materials Art Supply in LA, Calif. and Harlem Duroziez from in McMinnville, Ore. The total cost for these ingredients, including special shipping fees because they are hazardous materials, was $73.00 U.S., but I will have enough to never have to order again, even with sharing with other students, I’m sure.

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