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Workshop schedule: Monday 15th - Friday 19th of January 2018, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM with one hour lunch break at about noon.

Location: Australian Catholic University (ACU) ART SPACE

(26 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, (Victoria), Australia

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Housing possibilities: see the bottom of the page.

Workshop description:

After teaching a number of workshops, where we led our students through the whole process of painting an icon, we more and more see a necessity to introduce more specialized workshops, fully dedicated to main types of iconographer's work. Couple of years ago we launched a course of face-painting techniques (ď3 Faces in 5 DaysĒ and ďEast and West Ė Two Traditions of Face-PaintingĒ). It was a good experience but we see that it is even more important to teach iconography drawing since it is the most essential skill for iconographers, mural painters and carvers.

During the 5 days we plan to let our students first of all gain the ability to understand the professional approach to form-building process. We also plan teaching main principles drawing with pencil and a brush, taking into account questions and needs of the students. Drawing is basic for any good image, but even if after the workshop you will want to continue to paint using linear drawing on paper, you will understand it much better after attending this specialized workshop we offer.

Icon writing workshop From practical point of view it means we will teach drawing in different media and, what is even more important, we teach how to control the results at every stage so that your finished icon may look more integral and whole.

Who should attend:

This particular workshop is universal, it fits both advanced students and beginners. We hope that the description gives a good picture of the workshop schedule, but we have to mention one more time that at this workshop we are not going to start and finish painting one icon from beginning to the end.

It's a course, dedicated to different ways of drawing, form building, modelling, shading and highlighting, and if you wish to learn how to carry your work forward in a professional way - you are most welcome!

Subjects to be drawn:

  • Frontal faces - young and old, beard and beardless with different types of hair
  • Face in 3/4 - face of the Mother of God, face of an apostle
  • Christ Extreme Humility icon
  • Frontal half-figure of a saint
  • Dynamic half-figure a variety of compositions, figure working in the space
  • Choice of an option: if you are a professional iconographer and you have a special icon/fresco/mosaic image you need to draw for some reason, we offer you to bring it color copy of it printed on A4/letter or ledger format. The requirements for the models are following: it has to be a high quality printed image of a Christian icon with all details to be visible well, with composition to be simple (max. - 2 figures) and to be painted before the 20th century. If you are unsure, please feel free to email us a copy in advance, we are happy to check it and discuss it with you.

The payment options:

The full cost of the workshop is 730 Australian dollars, which covers teaching and necessary tools and materials provided.

To reserve a space you can pay $60 US dollars (approximately equivalent to 80 Australian dollars) using the button below. The rest 650 Australian dollars are paid upon arrival.
Icon drawing workshop Yes, we are aware of the fact that majority of contemporary iconographers use proris' (stylized linear drawing) for their icons, and this does not stop us from making this workshop. Neither we make it in order to force the workshop participants to through their transparent paper out of the window. We make it because with special training in drawing even copying becomes always more and more thoughtful and conscious.

The group is limited to 15 participants, students are accepted on a first-come first-served basis. The registration payments are non-refundable, unless the workshop is canceled due to lack of participation.

Please, choose the amount


If you really wish and plan to join our workshop, but have no possibility to make the deposit payment right now, please, send us an email and let us know. We will put your name on the list and plan the group size more precisely. When the group gets filled up or the workshop period approaches, we contact you again and touch the ground about the payment details.

Make sure you give us your actual contact information: first and last name, email address and a cell phone number. We only will use this information to contact you in case of some changes and we will never share your data with anyone.

For all questions regarding registration and payments, please, contact Philip Davydov phildavydov@gmail.com

About the instructor:

Philip Davydov with M.A. in State Fine Art Academy of Saint Petersburg (faculty of Theory and History of Art) Philip Davydov is a founder of Sacred Murals Studio (Saint Petersburg, Russia). He works as a professional, second-generation iconographer with more than 15 years of experience, teaching professor at the Institute of Theology and Sacred Arts and head of Sacred Murals Studio in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Philip's goal and the goal of his studio is to create icons and murals within the Christian tradition, while being contemporary works of Christian sacred art. Philip shares this creative and responsible approach as well as his own experience and professional discoveries with his students at his workshops.


Possibilities for housing:

Backpackers the Nunnery (Lodge)

Ask for: Guesthouse Section

116 Nicholson Street, Fitzroy

phone : 03 9419 8637 or 1800 032 635


North Fitzroy Homestay (B&B)

45 St.Georges Rd.

Close to Brunswick St. tram.

Phone: 03 9489 9661

Website: www.northfitzroyhomestay.com.au

Email bookings: bookings@northfitzroyhomestay.com.au

Glowery House

132 Nicholson Street

Fitzroy Phone: 03 9417 3379


Metropole Hotel and Apartments & Conference Centre

44 Brunswick St. 03 9411 8100 or 1800 061 441

Web-site: www.metropole.org

Email: reservations@metropole.org