Art critic Irina Yazykova about icons of Philip Davydov and Olga Shalamova

Article by Home News Tribune about fresco mural in St. John The Evangelist church in New Brunswick (NJ, USA)

St. Petersburg Times about fresco mural in St. John The Evangelist church in New Brunswick (NJ, USA)

Exhibitions Testimonials

April 8 - 20, 2014. Exhibition "Contemporary Icon. Philip Davydov and Olga Shalamova"

#1. Press-releases and tesimonials: (in russian) - http://sacredmurals.com/ru/icon_exhibitions_responses.htm

#2. Interview with Philip Davydov at the website of Book House Glagol: (in russian)- http://www.kdglagol.ru/interview-with-iconpainter-davydov/

#3. Summary of the Round Table panel discussions at the website of Book House Glagol: (in russian)- http://www.kdglagol.ru/kruglij-stol-sovremennaya-ikonopis/

#4. TV "SOJUZ" (Orthodox TV CHANNEL) broadcast (in russian) - http://tv-soyuz.ru/news/v-sankt-peterburgskom-knizhnom-dome-glagol-otkrylas-vystavka-sovremennoy-ikonopisi

#5. Saint Petersburg Diocese Moscow Patriarchate Official Magazine: (in russian)- http://aquaviva.ru/news/av/?id=50554#ad-image-0

#6. Philip Davydov's and Olga Shalamova's parish website: (in russian)- http://feosobor.ru/archives/6700

December 22nd, 2013 - January 19, 2014 . Exhibition "Gifts".

Location: State Museum of Architecture, Moscow, Russia

Theme: Actual Christian art, of contemporary icon painting.


#1. With text (in russian) - http://prichod.ru/aktualniye-voprosy/9347/

#2. With photographs & text - http://www.art-sobor.ru/archives/7111

#3. Philip Davydov's work on the cover: http://www.afisha.ru/exhibition/91100/

#4. At the web-site of the Architecture Museum: http://muar.ru/new/component/k2/item/408-vystavka-dary

#5. Arguments And Facts TV broadcast: http://www.aif.ru/society/people/1082313,

#6. "Gifts" exhibition visited by parishioners of St. Ilijah church with excursion, guided by Sergei Chapnin, one of organizators of the exhibition (Photo, text, video): http://www.vostokvk.ru/....../v-gostyakh-u-darov-sovremennogo-iskusstva.html,

#7. Broadcast of TV Culture (Russia) (Post-exhibitional discussion): http://tvkultura.ru/anons/show/brand_id/20905/episode_id/973782

#8. At our website: http://sacredmurals.com/gallery/

November 2012. Exhibition "Light of the Nativity".


#1. "Foma" ("Thomas") - one of Russian Orthodox church most popular official magazines published an article about 10 icons of Philip Davydov and Olga Shalamova- http://www.foma.ru/ikonopis-vozmozhen-li-razgovor-na-sovremennom-yazyike.html

#2. Russia-Culture, TV broadcast: www.tvkultura.ru/article/show/article_id/73701,