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27 April 2016. St Alban's Psalter. Photographs of famous book miniatures. Use the "next-previous" words on the top of the page or navigation menu at the bottom. The images are protected by copyright, but if for some reason you need to use them without breaking thr law, to save a picture you may click right mouse button NEAR the picture, drag the mouse onto the picture and release the button, - then you will have this option "Save image as" https://www.abdn.ac.uk/stalbanspsalter/....

18 November 2015. The Glory of Byzantium. Digital version of the book, available for free directly from the editor - the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY: http://libmma.contentdm.oclc.org/... (The file is heavy, please, give the page some time to load)

17 November 2015. Numerous Photos of Icons from Mount Sinai Available on the website of Princeton and made in expeditions by scholars from Princeton University, the University of Michigan, and the University of Alexandria : http://vrc.princeton.edu/sinai/

22 April 2014. The Orthodox Arts Journal. Publishes articles and news for the promotion of traditional Orthodox liturgical arts, covering visual arts, music, liturgical ceremony and texts, and relevant art history and theory : http://orthodoxartsjournal.org

24 June 2005. Pope John Paul II. Letter to the Artists:

19 June 2005. Adoremus Bulletin, Online Edition:

Vol. VII, No. 10: February 2002.
Art and Liturgy - The Question of Images. Part I
by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger.

Vol. VIII, No. 1: March 2002.
Art, Image and Artists. Sacred art, inspired by faith, both reflects and informs the culture. Part II by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger.

April - May 2004.
Church Architecture and "Full and Active Participation" Does the architectural style of our churches influence the way we worship?
by Thomas Gordon Smith

19 September 2012. Icone Cristiane. Catholic web-site (in Italian) , dedicated to the development of iconography in Italy.

11 April 2010. Icons Explained is a Guide to Byzantine icons Frescoes and Mosaics on the Internet from Constantinople to Macedonia to Russia, and around the world. Icons**, Frescoes and Mosaics on the Internet from Constantinople to Macedonia to Russia, and around the world.

27 December 2006. "Serbian Treasure". An extraordinary web-site, dedicated to the greatest Serbian fresco ansambles. Offers a huge quantity of fresco photographs (more then 4000) with 15 X 21 cm printable quality and other valuable features.

27 December 2006. Icon Painting Laboratory of rev. Andrey Davydov. The Laboratory is situated by St. Nicholas Cathedral in Souzdal.

3 January 2006. Sara Hall Studio. Stained Glass Artworks.

27 June 2005. Catacombs of St. Callixtus, Rome:

27 May 2005. Iconofile company:

29 May 2005. Web-galleries of high quality images of medieval Italian-Byzantine mosaic mural decorations:





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15 March 2012. Orthodox Tours. Our agency specializes in custom tours and pilgrimages to the holy pilgrim sites and places of interest of the Early Church and Eastern Christendom. Our tour themes include Sacred Art, Christian Monasticism and uniquely tailored tours that combine elements of pilgrimage to the most revered sites of the Christendom with interesting educational historical excursions. The director and spiritual advisor of the company is a Russian Orthodox priest.

04 June 2007. Orthodox online bookstore based in Holland.
It's mission is to provide a full spectrum of Orthodox Christian materials in four languages, namely in English, French, Dutch and Russian.

24 March 2007. Saint Nicholas Center.
Exists solely to spread the word about St. Nicholas.

23 November 2005. Worship & Spirituality.
Web-Site of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada. Numerous links to Christian general and visual art resources.

17 August 2005. Christians In The Visual Art:


20 May 2005. List of Christian Search Engines:

23 June 2005. Catholic Pages:

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19 December 2016

Agulis Pigments http://www.agulispigments.com/ - mineral pigments from Armenia. We have recently ordered a couple of packages from them and tried them... Yes, their pigments are very good, and the prices is also affordable even with shipping expences. We especially like Augite Porphyry Violet Light, but other are great too.

02 April 2014

St Luke Artist Colourmen http://stlukeart.com/ are purveyors of hand selected Artists Materials. We are run by practising artists for practising artists and we endeavor to help make our customers more informed and empowered by the tools they choose to use. We specialise in professional paint, raw materials and custom stretching.

*Discounts for students of our Icon painting and True Fresco Workshops.

27 March 2014

Metropolitan Museum allows unbelievable variety of books for free download -


19 July 2005. A large web-portal, dedicated to trueFresco:
trueFresco.Org - destination Fresco Painting Society

27 June 2005. Oil painting reproduction, jewelry, gemstone jewelry, diamonds & oil portrait painting:

8 June 2005. Art Gallery Worldwide:

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