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Фресковая роспись в церкви св. Евангелиста Иоанна.


Имя :  Владимир Д.Ш.
E-mail : vld@vccx.ydm.ru*
Текст комментария :

Уважаемый Филипп!

Спаси Вас, Господи, за изумительную, полученную мною сегодня икону.
Долгих Вам лет во славу Господню.

Рассматривая сегодня Богородичный ряд созданных Вами икон на вашем
сайте мне очень захотелось приобрести икону для дома, подобную
представленным под номерами 21 или 23 размером 17х25 .

С уважением,
Владимир Д.Ш.


First Name :  Margaret Broadbent
E-mail : mar99@hotmail.com*

Icon Painting Workshop October 2005

For three weeks in October, 2005 a group of four enthusiastic Australian women travelled to St. Petersburg to study Icon Drawing techniques under the tutelage of Philip Davydov. Philip was recommended to teach us through the Rector of the St. Petersburg School of Religion and Philosophy. We are all greatly indebted to this very gifted, gentle and encouraging teacher who imparted the knowlege of Icon techniques through his strong faith and religious beliefs.

Before our arrival in St. Petersburg and thanks to Information Technology, Philip received photographs of the Icons and medieval artworks we had studied during the past three years. With this knowlege of our skill-levels, Philip decided to choose the prototype -"CHRIST THE SAVIOUR" for our studies. It was a prototype in the Byzantine Method of Icon Studies. The challenge then for Philip was to deal with four women who operated at different levels, saw things differently and who came from different artistic experiences.

Three weeks was the chosen time to work and complete the icons. With a stong focus by the group and constant encouragement from Philip, we managed to complete an Icon in our own unique styles.

Philip did not take anything for granted as he instructed us through the various steps. From the beginning Prayer Ritual before an Icon; to the practise of drawing and coming to see; to the mixing of pigments; to listening to the important ways of being and careful listening to instuction methods; to the application of gold leaf in the water-gilding method; to blocking in the colours in a very concrete manner by using slow and controlled brush-strokes; to the layering of colours and the final varnishing of the work, Philip had his finger always on the pulse of the group and was totally open to receive our questions as they emerged. This way of teaching is I believe the best way for adults to learn. It certainly is the best way for me.

One of Philip's key phrases during the classes was "GO SLOWLY" It took me quite a while to really take in what Philip meant. To breate deeply, imbibe the present spiritual action and to be deply attentive to the process and the prototype is what I came to realise the words "Go Slowly" meant. These words of Philip enabled me to value the connections being made at a depth where "THE WORD" spoke intimately and quietly in the silence. Heart to heart, Spirit to spirit, soul to soul happens when one goes slowly. Thankyou Philip!

Philip's obvious love of his Religious Orthodox Traditions, Beliefs and Values poured out and penetrated into us as we worked daily together in silence. His gentle ,sensitivity enabled each of us to experience a freedom and peacefulness within. In this atmosphere we were free to ask the multitude of questions need for our learning. Philip was very "In-tune" with our natures and abilities and it is of great cedit to him as he displayed warm patience and understanding as he lead us through the process.

I consider Philip to be a Master Iconographer. The works he has painted and which are displayed on his web site and in his studio, give testimony to the many hours of dedicated practice to this most beautiful art.

Because the group came to St. Petersburg to study we were able to feel and experience the Culture and Religious Traditions first-hand. By visiting the Russian Museum prior to beginning our studies and being soaked and enveloped by the many Icons on display, Philip enabled us to soak in the Spiritual Power at work. Of course we visited many other museums and Churches with Philip. These experiences as well as the many slide presentations depicting the History of Icons the group became more familiar with the various traditions and in particular the Russian Tradition. What a blessing it was to receive such knowledge from such a faith-filled teacher.

Everyone one of our needs was catered for in all areas and I will always be extremely grateful to Philip for enabling four eager Australian women to have such a blessed and deeply Religious experience.

I highly recommed Philip , a gifted and mulit-talented teacher and Iconographer, with a gift for languages and in particular English to teach in any part of the world especially where English is spoken.

Margaret Broadbent
Artist and Sister of Mercy,
Melbourne Australia


First Name :  Pauline Pervan
E-mail : pepelm@yahoo.com.au*

'Icon experience' in Russia October 2005.

I travelled with three other Australians including my art teacher, following a dream, to learn the traditional byzantine technique of icon painting.
Philip Davydov our very qualified and skilled teacher had arranged every detail for us before arrival, the materials and outline of our proposed course. His style and words were always personalised and encouraging, focused, contemplative, exacting yet wise. He would say 'go slowly, - never feel your work as too heavy. It will be visible in the result.' We tried to imbibe as much as we could from his excellent method of teaching and bring it back with us to Melbourne with very heartfelt memories.
Pauline Pervan
Mature age art student.


First Name :  Aled
URL :   aw@tecso.net*
Comment: Dear Philip, The icon has arrived!! It is really amazing and wonderful.THANK YOU !! It will be blessed in the Advent by our bishop.


First Name :  Rev. Dr. Harry
URL :   Dr.Haiden@aol.com*
Comment #1: I am proud to announce that the fresco has been completed and that all is well with it. The image of Christ enthroned flanked by the Virgin Mary and Saint John The Evangelist is, in my humble opinion, breathtaking. The work of Philip Davydov is more then I could have hoped for and Philip has shown himself to be a gentle and serious Christian man who I am proud to call "friend". The work is a true doorway into the world of the Spirit and God's presence can be felt in it.

Comment #2:   Philip, on behalf of our congregation and the people of our diocese, I would like to thank you for the fresco that you rote at saint John The Evangelist.it will always be an important part of our worship space and your presence among us was a graced time.

First Name :   Aled
URL :   aw@tecso.net*
Comment :   Philip...
The icon of Theotokos is very beautiful and loved by many people.


First Name :   Chris
URL :   ec tenor @yahoo.com*
Comment :   mr. Davydov...
Your talent is one that has and will continue to touch so many people. The Fresco you painted at St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church is truly an amazing focal point for worship. The first time I saw it completed left me awestruck...a truly...


First Name :   Susan and Dr. Grady

Comment :   Hi, Philip! Last nights dedication service for your fresco at St Johns was wonderful. Such a mystery - Thank you for sharing your gifts with us - We miss you.


First Name :   Nigel Day
URL :   Leeds, UK

Comment :   I commissioned an icon of The Holy Virgin from Philip Davydov and was absolutely delighted when I received it. The picture on the website (Icon of the Holy Virgin ), though good, does not do full justice to its beauty or the skill of the man who wrote it.


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