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Custom Solutions For Christian Church Decoration

Romanesque fresco mural decoration. Christian handpainted wallpainting.
"Icons and frescoes are windows by which the world beyond our world enters into this world and doorways by which we can enter that world".
- Fr. Harry Hayden, the dean of St. John the Evangelist church in New Brunswick.

Every Christian church has it's unique harmonious holy space. So, the purpose of decoration is to create sacred focal points for prayer, maintaining live harmony between the architecture and all the parts of church interior.

Truefresco sacred murals and holy icons give sense of sacredness to any church interior, but we should remember, that whatever size image we create, it is vitally important to do all the work professionally, by approved technology and with all the responsibility.

Sacred Murals Studio suggests Economical solutions for church decoration, affordable for almost any Christian parish. We propose Economical Solutions, if You plan to decorate small areas of Your church. The small wall paintings or sacred icons (see our Icon Gallery) can be crated in autonomous places, like over church entrance, in niches, etc.

The small frescoes of Economical Solution attract particular attention to the most significant parts of the church, and create focal points for prayer.

Truefresco is a traditional and extremely resistant technique, it can be used as for interior, so for the exterior (outside) decoration.

Click images below to see examples of such autonomous sacred murals over church entrances.
St.Nicolas. Buonfresco mural by Sacred Murals Studio.
St. Nicholas.
St. Nicholas church
Truefresco mural Holy Face of Christ. Orthodox church decoration in St. Petersburg
Mandylion (Holy face of Christ).
St. John of Kronshtadt
Christian church mural decoration. Christian art image Holy Virgin Mary with Christ Child.
Our Lady and Holy Child. Assumption church

Complex solution are large scale mural decorations for large and the most important part of the church, or for the complete interior decoration. The Complex Decoration transforms all the sacred church space, gives feeling of real presence of Christ and His sants, who really surround You on the walls. on the walls. The architecture itself becomes transparent screen, showing us Heaven on earth.

Sacred mural decoration, painted in altar apse or dome, creates a visual sacred structure, with Christ as the Shepherd and the Head of the Church, and all the other present human beings, in cluding Saints and ourselves, as his sheep. The altar visually becomes real center of the liturgical life of the church. Besides, the images explain the liturgy in historical and theological terms and give us feeling of the universality of Eucharist.

Click images below to see enlarged photos of some our large scale sacred murals for the interior decoration.
Christian church dome decoration: Holy Mary, Jesus Christ, Saint John the Evangelist.
Christ, Holy Mary and St. John the Divine.
Complex mural
decoration in the
St. John the Evangelist
Holy Fresco image. Christ Allmighty. Buonfresco mural by Sacred Murals Studio.
Christ Pantocrator,
Archangels and Serafins.
Complex mural decoration
Assumption church

Handpainted fresco sacred mural Deisis (Jesus Christ, Holy Mary and St. John the Baptist.
Deisis Composition
with donators names
and two peacocks.
Complex mural decoration.
Valaam monastery

These fresco images are all different because they were created for different churches and architectural spaces. The mural decoration and iconography is a truly a creative work for us.

Before we begin a new work, we seriously study the background for it, gather mateials. We ask for consultations for the most eminent art critics and art historians and find the best possible solution for every single church or home decoration. All this together allows us to have always high quality results as for small works, so for large church decoration solutions. (See Testimonials).

See more Christian frescoes in our Mural Gallery and icons in Icon Gallery.

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For ordering or buying any of our sacred icons, commissioning fresco murals, questions or proposals, e-mail us, or call +7 950 00 58 293.

To see more sacred icons, frescoes, mosaics and miniatures, visit another internet gallery of Christian images at http://iconaantica.spb.ru.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Iconographer Philip Davydov

    11 Nov. 2005,

    Sacred Murals Studio, St. Petersburg, Russia.

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