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Iconography and other related topics.
Sacred Murals Studio


  • Selected Bibliography for iconographers

  • "Eastern Iconography in the contemporary Protestant West" by Peter Blackwood

  • "The Dome of Barrenness". Reflections on the Dome Mosaics of St. Sava Cathedral in Belgrade by S. Brun

  • "On the Dialogue Between the Sacred and Secular Arts"Interview with Serbian Iconographer Todor Mitrovic

  • "The Living Tradition of Icon Painting".
    Interview with Philip Davydov by Elisabeth Kvernen

  • "The Iconographer's Labor"
    by Mother Iuliania (Sokolova). Translated and annotated by Paul Stetsenko (2015)

  • "Virtualization of the Form"
    by Philip Davydov

  • "Performative Icon"
    by Bissera V. Pentcheva