We are passionate iconographers, and artists with decades of experience between us. We have been trained in Russian Orthodox Iconography according to ancient and authentic principles of Iconography in Russia.

Our Vision

Iconography for both of us is our profession and our main life interest. We continuously study images created by our predecessors to enhance prayer experience for Christians of different denominations. We do not produce replicas, but make every image from scratch.


We are qualified art historians and iconographers with more than 20 years of experience. We work in different mediums and scales, organize online conferences, film and teach iconography courses and participate in exhibitions.
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Newsletter February 2023


Every image in our studio is a result of research, to make them both traditional and contemporary. Have a look at our Icon Gallery.

Church Interiors & Vestments

We paint murals and develop complex church interior solutions for different Christian deniminations.

Church Utensils

Creating complex church interior solutions we sometimes have to create new vestments and utensils to maintain the integrity of the space.

Textile Icons

After studying traditional golden embroidery practice and principles we started making icons on fabric using a number of printing techniques.

Homepage. Iconography by Davydov and Shalamova

Being an iconographer in the XXI century sounds quite old-fashioned, it seems that you are limited with canons and other prescriptions, overall art of iconography seems highly regulated and lifeless. However, every time I reach out to Christian art tradition, I see it has always been very diverse, always leaving space for artistic freedom.

I can’t and I don’t like copying and every time I re-conceive and rethink every image from scratch. I never think of beauty, but always think about the expression of the image.

I have a deep love for the material base of painting and I like to work with different surfaces and techniques. They allow me to reveal characteristics of the materials and textures: convex threads of fabric, roughness of ceramic tiles, unevenness of old wood. All these give a new dimension to the images I paint.


Our available icons can be purchased via internet. We accept payments via Paypal, Zelle, Payoneer and bank money transfers. Sinca March 2022 we ship our icons carefully wrapped and packed in individual boxes, using Georgian Post courier Service.

Youtube Projects
Iconography Conferences Online

With COVID-19 artists were constrained to stay in their very limited geographic areas, we considered it as a chance for virtual communication. In April 2020 we organized an Online Iconography Conference, inviting most well known contemporary iconographers to this opportunity to speak about iconography, how traditional art can function in our days, et cetera. In total we had 8 sessions, they are available as a Playlist.

Monthly Meetings of Iconographers

After teaching regular workshops in different countries we got used to have overseas connections and conversations. Now we have no possibility to travel, so to stay in contact we launched Monthly Meetings of Iconographers and to have an oppotunity to talk at least once a month. These zoom lectures are recorded and published on YouTube. If you like to join and want to be notified, let us know.

Stay in touch

If you like to stay informed...

Every two or three months we publish a little summary with all our most important news, such as new projects, new courses, personal discoveries and announcements. Our earlier Newsletters are available here.