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March News

Dear Friends!,

If you are in northern hemisphere we wish the most beautiful spring, if in the southern, we hope you are having an enjoyable autumn!

As the time runs, we have to make some changes in our workshop schedule, couple of new works, couple of exhibitions and a special website to share.

Groups in Calgary and Seattle are  filling up well, but last week we have been contacted by Wesley Seminary (Washington DC) and we were informed that our workshop has to be cancelled because of widescale renovation works.
But since every cloud has a silver lining, with a generous invitation of Peter Pearson’s now we happily launch a brand new Icon Drawing Workshop in the Holy Cross monastery in West Park NY, – reachable by direct trains from NYC).
It’s a 4 days course for $650 with lodging and meals included, – lots and lots of drawing! We think it’s essential for all.

Only two works to publish since our previous Newsletter:

One by Philip:

Contemporary Icon Transfiguration of Christ
Icon of Transfiguration of Christ by Philip Davydov

And a Last Supper by Olga Shalamova:

The Last Supper by Olga Shalamova. Egg tempera on wood.
The Last Supper by Olga Shalamova. Egg tempera on wood.

Besides, we are surprised to see constant and unpredictable interest to iconography exhibitions. As always we publish some photos at our Flickr, hope you may find something inspiring.

Exhibition 85 years of Saint Petersburg Union of Artists
Exhibition 85 years of Saint Petersburg Union of Artists

The first one was a “85 years of Union of Artists of Saint Petersburg“,  which included our iconography section  not a special one iconography  (February 20 – March 10 2017, St. Isaac’s Square Manege, Saint Petersburg, Russia).
The second in Feodorovsky Cathedral (also in Saint Petersburg) exhibition

Exhibition Passions of Christ in Art
Exhibition Passions of Christ in Art

Passions of Christ (March 5 – April 10).

After this, – at last but not least, as the best desert, we are also very proud of an opportunity to share a brand-new website of our fellow iconographer fr. Silouan Justiniano, constant author of Orthodox Arts Journal and a friend of ours. It’s  very minimal, just the essentials for now. Take a look: www.frsilouanicons.com

Thanks you very much for your time, hope next one will have less news and more images to share!

With warmest greetings and wishes!!!,

Philip and Olga

8 thoughts on “March News”

    1. Have your classes at the St. John paul ii national shrine near the shrine of the immaculate conception

      1. Dear Cecilia,
        Thank you very much for the advice! Do you know anyone there, – can you recommend us?

        With warmest regards,


  1. A pleasure to read what is going on on your side and your workshops. I pass your info to my friend Danielle and hope we shall both travel to the monastery together. Are the dates in June the same?
    Wishing you a happy springtime!

  2. Could you tell me the dates for the drawing class in NY?
    I am very interested in attending.

  3. Always love receiving your messages! They inspire me and make me feel grateful!
    Linda Bell Wine

    1. Thank you, dear Linda!

      It’s so great to hear your appreciacion!

      With warmest regards,


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