November 2017

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Shepherds. Detail of Contemporary Graphic Series Nativity of Christ.
Shepherds. Detail of Contemporary Graphic Series Nativity of Christ.

Before sharing news we are proud to repeat our CALL FOR EXHIBITION “Visions of Beauty 2018” one more time: – if you have a possibility to bring your image(s) or object(s) to ACU Visual Arts Building (26 Brunswick st., Fitzroy) about 11 AM on Saturday 13th of January, – please do so! We particularly appreciate large scale works, even though smaller ones are accepted with a great joy as well. Even if we can’t guarantee, that every work will be accepted, we try hard to exhibit all what we can.

  1. This time instead sharing all images at the end, we will start with some and finish with some. First: Olga’s latest graphic works:

    Nativity of Christ. Contemporary Graphic Series.
    Nativity of Christ. Contemporary Graphic Series.
  2. I doubt anyone likes advertisements in Advent time, so we make it now: we have uploaded all our images of the Nativity of Christ to FineArtAmerica. Some were done in egg tempera, some in colored pencils, the cost of printing dropped for November – December 2017.
    Have a look when thinking about Christmas postcards or other prints:…/phil-davydov…
  3.   Some time ago together with other iconographers we were invited to participate a project, called “Saints of Undivided Church” . Currently there are more then 100 icon painters from different countries and more than 140 icons completed by now. The first exhibition is scheduled to open 20 December 2017 in Minsk (capital of Belarus), it will last till 28 February 2018. Olga’s British Saints and st. Patrick by Philip were accepted and we hope to get some friend’s photos from the opening and 2-day conferences to share. If you are interested, let us know, – we send you a program (in Russian since the whole event will be in Russian as well).
  4. Drogheria Del Zio
    “Drogheria Del Zio”

    At the end of October we have spent 7 graceful days in some old Italian cities, looking at great mosaics and icons. We took some thousands of photos (start sharing them below), but the most romantic moment happened in a pigment shop, which I remember visiting 20 years ago…. And it was still there!!! A cosy “Drogheria” (drug store), on Piazza delle Erbe in Padova selling almost everything, including the pigments… As we entered there, we could not find the pigments at first, but the salesman helped me to remember, where exactly in 1990s I enjoyed so much pulling out these ramshackle boxes with colors. We found them, and shared the fun with the new team. I am speaking about this just to remember Michelangelo, who I heard used to say: “The pigments can be purchased in a drug store”.

  5. Visiting Ravenna and looking at it’s stunning treasures we could not stop thinking of showing them to everyone we know. Thank’s God, humans invented cameras and internet! – At least we can share photos and upload them for everyone to see! Feel free to visit our latest Flickr album:, – it’s Mauseleum of Galla Placidia. All images can be viewed and downloaded in full resolution (about 4000X6000 pixels). Enjoy!

  6. Utrecht Psalter
    Utrecht Psalter

    We also wanted to share one of our latest internet discoveries, – Utrecht Psalter, available in full resolution:

    Scholars, designers and web-masters in Utrecht University did a great job, – the website gives unique opportunity to read comments to every scene and detail in more then 180 pages with drawings, possibility to enlarge and download page by page. We downloaded them all and if you like to have them downloaded too, let us know.

  7. Forthcoming workshops – very short! All our workshops in Melbourne (Australia) and in Auckland (New Zealand) are full.
    Now we announce three workshops in the United States for 2018:
    Wesley Seminary (Washington DC) – August 6-10

    The Holy Cross Monastery (NY) September 18-21

    The New Skete Monastery (NY) – September 25-29.

    Iconography Workshops in the USA
    Iconography Workshops in the USA


  8. Two small size icons by Philip:
    Saint Nicholas, Saving Sailors
    Saint Nicholas, Saving Sailors
    Saint Andrew and Saint Catherine
    Saint Andrew and Saint Catherine

    And more to come!

    Thank you for being our Subscriber!,
    With warmest regards,

    Philip and Olga

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  1. Thank you so much!
    I will read and look with closer interest over weekend and check out Flickr too ?

  2. it is absolutely fantastic seeing those Sacred Art now that we are going through madness …


  3. No matter what’s happening in the world, when I see your email I always open it first! Love your missives, the different color palettes of the murals and everything you share from your journeys. Thank you. Linda Wine

  4. blessings of Advent to you both and your family. Looking forward to my meditations in January with you both. Victoria

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