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Thank you for considering us! We accept commissions for icons, frescoes, mosaics, fabrics, graphic images, and church interior / exterior solutions.

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Where to start

If you like to order an icon or other image, here below you will find the options to choose from. When you go through albums of our website, click the image you like, you will see it's enlarged version with an "Inquire" button next to it.

Choosing an available icon
Option One: choose from our Available icons. These icons were painted in research process without a commission. The price of an icon depends on it's size, complexity of the subject and other factors. Besides, several images may belong to one series and the cost will depend, whether you will choose to purchase only one image or the whole series.
When you make an enquiry about the chosen image, you don't need to make any payment. As soon as we receive your message, we will give you the best shipping rates to your location and the nearest date we can ship you the icon. If we agree about the shipping dates and cost, we will send you a Paypal payment link via email or use some other way for transfering the money.
Commissioning a New icon

Option Two: If you wish to commission a totally new icon, send us a message, describing your thoughts and preferences. To have an idea how we usually work, have a look at our Gallery to see what we have done by the moment, - maybe the existing icons will give you some new ideas.

Prints & postcards

Painting a new icon is costly and it takes a while to have it finished, varnished and completely dried up. As a more affordable alternative we suggest you consider ordering a printed version, choosing a preferable size, material, and shipping options online. Check our page at FineArtAmerica / to see the choices.

Cost Guidelines

The cost of an icon depends on it's size, composition, amount of required gilding and other details. This means, that a larger icon of a complicated subject painted with a gilded background will have a higher cost, than a small icon with a simple subject and vice versa.
Work for a church space usually has the same cost, but needs more specific planning and execution. Conceiving a future icon or a fresco for a church we need to take into consideration the architectural context and other factors to make our new icons and frescoes become natural part of the church space, creating a harmonious ensemble.

We accept payments via Paypal, Zelle, Payoneer and regular bank transfers.


Now for more than one year we ship our icons with Georgian Post, partner with all reknown courier services in all countries. We personally wrap and pack every image to make sure it's delivered with no damage. The cost of shipping mainly depends on the country of destination, besides Georgian Post has very affortable fees for ground transportation to their "pick up centers" in Europe. If you live in one of the cities from their list and don't mind picking up the package in case they don't have a delivery service, the shipping cost will be very low.

Another important factor is weight, and before giving you the final shipping cost options we need to carefully weigh the icon (or other image) to define the category and cost. Making an enquiry about an icon or other image, please, tell us your geographic location, so we give you the best rates and times.

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