By May 2022 we have produced 200+ icons, which are now in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Italy, Holland, Russia, Singapore, USA, and other countries, and several fresco paintings in Russia and Abroad.

If you coose to acquire any one of our Available icons, email us or drop us a line via social media and we will be happy to discuss the best way to deliver you the image. If you wish to commission a new icon and wonder where to start, check what we have done by the moment. Each image should have a special link "be"Inquire" so you can inquire via email

If you do not consider a painted icon, it is possible to print a selected icon online in a preferable size and material, choosing the most convenient shipping. Check our FineArtAmerica/ account.

We accept commissions for icons, frescoes, mosaics, fabrics, graphic images, and for complex interior solutions.

The cost of an icon depends on it's size, composition, amount of required gilding and other details. Thus, a larger icon, with a complicated subject, realized on a gilded background would have a higher cost, and vice versa. Pigments and plaster components for frescoes are comparatively cheap, therefore the cost of murals is much lower, especially if we speak about large surfaces.

The most interesting task for us is to make our new icon and frescoes become natural part of the church space, to make them native to the existing ensemble.

We accept payments with Paypal, Payoneer and via regular bank transfers.

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