5th of February 2014

Dear collegue and friend,

Hope weather was not too cruel in January, - as on the North, neither on South!

To cheer up, we have some really cool news, - totally new different types of events on our schedule!

A First!  - we launch an  Advanced Iconography Workshop, - 3 types of faces in 4 days.

From time to time we have somebody, asking about it, so - we made it! All brand new workshop, built for professional development of practicing iconographers. We plan to dedicate these four full days to a very intense study of three traditional face-painting techniques. These techniques were used by medieval iconographers in Byzantine, Greece, Russia, Italy and other countries. The main goal of the workshop is to introduce iconographers to an immense variety of approaches of medieval masters, replenishing/refreshing professional competence and widening the horizon. The three methods to experience are following:

  • The Sankir method
  • The Membrane or Sankir-less method
  • The Form-modelling method
To see full  description and get registered, please, click here: - http://sacredmurals.com/advanced-icon-writing-workshop.htm

Second!  news is The True Fresco Course, - really, truly, sincerely - this is A VERY SPECIAL ONE!

    True Fresco painting technique in itself is nothing but an unbelievable grace! When your paintbrush, loaded with  paint, touches the surface of a fresh lime-based plaster, the inspiration is here, - just let it in! To say the truth, you need just a little to make it real... All the materials are absolutely affordable, - it's rather time and interest to invest... But with True Fresco it worths making the mess!

For years we have been dreaming about this possibility, and now I can say, that our technology finally is very reliable and uncomplicated enough to share.
   Doubt to try?  Join and enjoy! -  http://sacredmurals.com/truefrescoworkshop05.htm

Third!  - 105 photos from two Icon Workshops in Melbourne, which took place in January 2014

Hope next January we can also launch both new courses in Melbourne, - as Advanced, so the TrueFresco one too. The schedule for Janury 2015 is coming in couple of weeks!

Fourth! - Now we have a special page for the Exhibitions - http://sacredmurals.com/exhibitions.htm
At the moment there are some links, dedicated to  "Gifts" project in Moscow (23rd of December-19 January. Catalogue in PDF is available HERE), and some details about our exhibition in Dadian Gallery in Washington DC, planned through June to September 2014.

Fifth! - our friend rev. fr. Ilia Gotlinsky asked me to share the information about one of his trips, - here is what asked me to publish:
Trip to the Balkans. That trip present very rare and in many ways unique opportunity to visit spectacular monuments with world’s best surviving Byzantine Art. Group will cover great territory and will visit great number of monasteries and churches where the best Byzantine iconographers from Constantinople and Thessaloniki worked from eleventh to fifteenth century. Travellers will get a chance to visit a few of very interesting Paleo-Christian sites that date back to the very first centuries of the Christianity on the Balkans. You could read full description of our trip by following this link: http://orthodoxtours.com/...


And the Sixth news, - hope you might have already noticed  our website new design - sacredmurals.com. The structure is almost the the same, but the visual part has changed. Hope you like it. If not - any critique and comments - welcome!

And if you are a Facebook user, please, join us on Facebook, if you wish, there are some images or links, which were not published in Newsletter - https://www.facebook.com/sacredmurals
No new icons to share for now, they are all waiting for the Exhibition in Dadian Callery (Washington DC).

Well, looks like this is all for now. But I still do not want to say any kind of Good Bye!... So, I would rather type... To be continued!

Yours sincerely,
Philip Davydov and Olga Shalamova

P.S. Please, inform us how would you think we might improve, and of course - if you have any questions!