23rd of December 2013

Dear collegue and friend!!!,


And we are happy to share the joy in Our New-Born Lord Jesus Christ!

So we share some of our new images, and first of all - the "Night Travellers" (seen above), made for a Christmas Exibition in Moscow (photos coming soon)!
Other new icons can be seen the bottom of the page, as always.

We also have a lots of new workshops, including a brand new one - for advanced level students :). You can see the full list and details on a special page of our website: http://sacredmurals.com/iconography_courses_workshops.html. Besides, we are thinking of a 3-days True Fresco Course.

Please, let us know if you are interested.

And here are the NEW ICONS:

Icon of Deisis with Holy Virgin Of Filermo, St. John The Baptist and Blessed Gerard,
The founder of Maltese order.

Relief icon The Visitation (Mary Meeting Elisabeth).

Relief Icon The Last Supper. Fragment.

Icon of Crucifix

Portable Crucifix.

Saint Xenia Of Saint Petersburg

And at the end of the Letter we thank for your prayers and for being with us!

Merry Christmas!

Yours truly,
Philip Davydov and Olga Shalamova

P.S. 1. Please, inform us how would you think we might improve, and of course - if you have any questions!

P.S. 2.
All the boards, shipped as a special "small package" to the US and Australia, arrived with a delay, but safely. Now we look forward to hear the opinions of their new owners. We still have 6 more boards of 13.5 X 10 inches (34 X 25 cm) with vertical borders of 1 inch  (2.5 cm) and horizontal borders of 1 1/5 inch (3 cm) wide left. If you need any, please, let us know.