Final schedule for Workshops & Exhibition + Discounts for Pigments & New Icons

Newsletter 28th of May 2014

Dear Friend,

In the latest times we are having maybe even too much going on, but - these and we are happy to share our news!!!

FIRST:  Final Course Schedule for June-July 2014:

I. Icon Painting course in Wesley Seminary - http://sacredmurals.com/icon-writing-course-washington-DC.htm

II. Advanced Icon Painting Course in Saint Mary's City http://sacredmurals.com/advanced-icon-writing-workshop.htm

For September – no news, all as planned – Calgary, San Diego and Saint Mary's City, - see the full schedule: http://sacredmurals.com/index.htm#tabs-1

SECOND: Exhibition opening

Our Exhibition in Dadian Gallery (belongs to Wesley Seminary, 4500 Massachusetts Avenue, Washington DC, USA) is approaching.

The first opening for public access is scheduled for Tuesday June 17, 2014 at 10.00 AM

Receptions & Artists Talks:

Tuesday, July 15, 4:30P.M. -5:30PM (light refreshments)

Tuesday, September 16, 12:00 1:30 p.m. (buffet lunch)

Closing: 19th of September 2014

In total we plan to exhibit more then 30 icons of various sizes, mostly painted in 2013-2014. Some of them are done purely in egg tempera, some have details made in relief gesso technique.

These icons are fruits of our 13-year long work, experiments and researches. They are all very different, presenting a variety of techniques we have discovered and practiced in these years. Most of icons are available for sale.
Please, feel free to take photos and share, ask questions and propose topics for discussions.


Gallery Hours:
Monday - Friday 10 am to 4:30 pm and by appointment; Closed for holidays and  between the 1st and 25st of August for technical maintenance.

THIRD: One of our icons has recently reached her final destination in Lafayette Urban Ministry in Lafayette, Indiana (USA).

Here is a story about it, a very special one - http://lumserve.wordpress.com/2014/04/30/st-xenia-icon/

FOURTH: Discount for pigments in Melbourne
Last time I forgot to inform our students, signing for Icon Painting and True Fresco Workshops in ACU (Melbourne, Australia), that now we have an agreement with St. Luke Artist's Material Store in Fitzroy (St. Luke Colourmen). They give 25% discount for 2 special sets of  main natural colors, - just mention your registration.
Here are two examples:

Main Pigment Set:
6 x 120ml Jars
Titanium White Series 1 $14.30
Terre Verte Series 2 $18.70
Burnt Sienna Series 1 $14.30
Red Ochre (new) Series 2 $18.70
Yellow Ochre Series 1 $14.30
Lamp Black Series 1 $14.30

Sub Total $94.60
Icon Painting or True Fresco Course price $70.95
Secondary Pigment Set:
6 x 120ml Jars
Golden Ochre Series 2 $18.70
Venetian red Series 2 $18.70
Australian Ochre Series 1 $14.30
Venetian Red raw Umber Green Series 2$18.70
Terre Verte Deep Series 2 $18.70
Burnt Umber Series 1 $14.30

Sub total $103.40
Icon Painting or True Fresco Course price $77.55

FIFTH: New icons. All of them are relatively small, the first is the smallest - 4.5 inches high:

Miniature icon of the Mother of God Igorevskaja 
by Philip Davydov

Icon of the Mother of God Igorevskaja 
by Olga Shalamova
Some elements are made in relief gesso

Icon of Christ the Savior by Olga Shalamova

Icon of the Mother of God Igorevskaja 
by Philip Davydov

Icon of Christ. Icon paited as a model for Advanced Icon Painting Workshops. 2014


More later!

Looking forward to hear your responses.
Pplease, share your ideas and thoughts, considerations and critique! Email us - phildaydov@gmail.com !

Yours sincerely,
Philip Davydov and Olga Shalamova
P.S. As always, we are open for new projects and seek for new possibilities. Feel free to share your proposals, insights and questions!