The Latest Newsletter (30 April 2016)

Christ Has Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

Dear Friends, now we can rejoyce! We are saved from hell!

We love sharing our love for images, but this time we have a great reason for it. How can one visualize humans being saved from profundity of sin? It's so hard to explain, but so easy to see! See it on an icon!
We are saved and death has no more power, it has no right even to rise it's voice. Rejoice, dear friends, even you, who have already met Christ some weeks ago, - He is coming to us again and again to save us again and again!

And we rise and come to meet Him after all what has happened, seeking to touch his hands, together with the Myrrhbearers and all the peoples on earth. Let's come and rejoyce!
2. We have all been expelled from the paradise, but now we can enter again, and as a an opportunity to spend time on meditations and thoughts in these special days we are happy to share a link to St Alban's Psalter, generously published by University of Aberdeen (UK).�Use the "next-previous" words on the top of the page or navigation menu at the bottom.�

Not only we love sharing images, we also love painting them and sharing what we know about the painting process and principles. We are glad, that our June 2016 workshops in Washington DC (filled up), and the one in Seattle (almost full), were accepted so well, so we started to think about 2017.

Our next classes are planned for January 2017 to be held in Melbourne, Australia.�Having spent some weeks for brain storming and discussions we decided to launch the registration process right now, so our students can save the dates and plan all the trips in advance.�

This time we offer two separate programs and models, like we did lately:
Icon Painting Workshops in Melbourne
Please, feel free to email any questions or comments, we will try to answer as soon a we can.

More icons, - an icon of Our Lady of Vladimir:�
And saint Alban and�saint Venerable Bede from series of early English saints, made by Olga Shalamova for a special event in Abingdon.�

��Saint Venerable Bede
We wish you and people around you a peaceful and a�fruitful time before the Pentecost!

� Yours sincerely,
Philip Davydov and Olga Shalamova