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Newsletter 31 December 2015

Dear�friends!, Sometimes the earth is huge, sometimes it is very little.

We wish you to feel how little it is when communicating with your families and friends, and to see how big it is when you see the variety! Happy New Year 2016 and hope it brings you a lot of new and inspiring events!

I. We are happy to invite everybody to one more exhibition, this time in Melbourne (Australia), - Visions of Beauty-2016, and for those, who can, we invite you to bring your works! The topic is wide - Christian Religious Art and it can be iconography, �as well as many other images. �

Exhibition address: ACU Visual Arts Space, 26 Brunswick street, Fitzroy, Victoria The installation is scheduled for about 3 PM the 16th of January 2016. We hope to gather many different works, the best we all can expose!�We bring a new icon of Christ, sending His Disciples to teach, some other icons and graphic works, - please, bring large ones if you can!

II. One more album of photographs from Turkey, - this time - Istanbul! 300 pictures (very few of Aya Sofia, mostly Kahrie Jami and Fethie Jami... And these churches are sooo little!!! - hope you enjoy it:�

III.�One more little event, rather personal, - recently Philip Davydov was interviewed by Elisabeth Kvernen from Collegeville Institute (MN, USA) and we are happy to share it too:

P.S. Todor's icon has arrived Safely, we are so happy with it!!!

One more time we wish you a Happy and Wonderful New Year!!!!�

Yours sincerely, Philip Davydov and Olga Shalamova