Workshops in the USA:

San Diego CA
April 13 - 17, 2015

Icon Painting Workshop

Subject: The Mother of God Orant
Location: Mission Hills United Church of Christ 4070 Jackdaw Street, San Diego CA 92103
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Leesburg VA
May 29 - 31, 2015

True Fresco Workshop

Subject: Choice of models
Location: Byzantine Arts Center 101 E Market St. 20176, Leesburg VA
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Washington, DC
June 1 - 5, 2015

Icon Painting Workshop

Subject: The Mother of God Orant
Location: Henry Luce III Center for the Arts and Religion.

Wesley Theological Seminary, 4500 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington, DC br /> Register for the workshop in Washington DC »

Icon Painting Workshop in Calgary (CANADA)

April 6-10, 2015

Icon Painting Workshop

Subject: The Mother of God Orant
Location: All Saints Church,
905, 8 th Ave. N.E. Calgary

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Workshops in Melbourne (AUSTRALIA):

January 19 - 23, 2015

Advanced Icon Painting Workshop

Subject: Three types of faces in five days
Location: Australian Catholic University (ACU) ART SPACE (26 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy)

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January 27-31

Icon Painting Workshop

Subject: The Mother of God Orant
Location: Australian Catholic University (ACU) ART SPACE (26 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy)

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Iconography Course in Wesley Seminary (Washington DC, USA) June 2014

Dear Philip,

...I enjoyed our workshop very much and am very glad to have met you. I appreciated the wealth of information you offered us. The lectures were, if anything, too short because they were so interesting, but I know you were trying to give us as much time as possible with our work. Having the icons on view in the gallery was fantastic. I also appreciated the simple quiet tone in the studio and all the personal help you offered us. Please keep me on your mailing list for further workshops.
If you receive a cancellation and have space in the True Fresco course in Canada, please let me know.
Yours truly,
G.J. 07 July.


Article - response of Cathy Abbott, Arlington District Superintendent, Virginia Conference, United Methodist Church > >


Dear Philip,

Once again, thank you for a wonderful workshop. I learned many important things from you that will help me not only if I paint another icon, but in my own work as a contemporary artist. Your approach to iconography and to teaching is completely compatible with what we are trying to do at the Luce Center for the Arts and Religion, and I am delighted that we have found one another. ......
many blessings,
D. June 28.


Iconography Course in Melbourne,(Australia) January 2014

good morning Philip,

thank you for a fantastic week. It was my holiday and I dont think I have ever come back so enriched or relaxed fby a holiday. I still see the icon on the easel when I close my eyes at nighjt. Thank you for the 'working drawing'. ... Thank you for the most fun I have had in a very long time
LV January 2014


Icon workshop in Saint Mary's City (MD, USA) July 2013

Hi Philip,

I just wanted to say thank you again for another wonderful workshop. I find that each time I have participated in the workshop, I go home more confident as I understand the things I need to improve at (which is everything) and also the progress I have made so far. I think, after some practice, that I may even be able to get those eyes just right next time!

The Lord bless you!
Hs July 14


Iconography Workshop in Hamilton (ON, Canada) July 2013

Philip, I just want to thank you for organizing the workshop here in Hamilton and for unselfishly sharing all your knowledge with us. You are an excellent teacher and it was my pleasure to be part of your group. Im looking forward to see you next year again!!!
July 7


Icon courses in ACU (Melbourne, Australia) January 2013

Dear Philip, Thank you for the wonderful course you gave us. I got a lot out of it, and it has put my own arts practise on a new level. ...... I am a visual arts teacher in a primary school setting and we teach creative thinking/higher order thinking and visual literacy as part of the visual arts curriculum........ the school would like me to do icon painting with the senior students as they will be preparing for their confirmation this year, so all your teaching will be very useful. Very best wishes for a rich and fulfilling new year and hopefully I will attend again next year.


My dearest Philip and Olga,......
Philip please accept my sincere heartfelt thanks for the wonderful journey and experiences you created and permitted me to be part of, I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to be in your class as a beginning student. The total spiritual and artistic venture has touched my very being and you have given me such a wonderful gift and a very strong desire to keep learning and practising in this wonderful direction.
It was a joy to meet with the other participants and share in their experiences also. I so hope that I may be part of any other courses that will be held in Melbourne. I am in total awe of your talents and deep subject understanding.
Again Philip, thank you so much for the gift you have given and shared with me. May all your other 2013 courses be successful.
May God Bless and protect the three of you, With my very fondest thoughts and good wishes,


Iconography Workshops in Calgary (Canada), June 2012

Dear Philip and Olga, Thank you for the wonderful icon workshop you gave in Calgary in June. It was very challenging and enlarged and broadened my vision of iconography. Your method of instruction was excellent, even if some of us were rather slow at times. I certainly need lots of drawing practice. I was sorry that we didnt have time for the last slide presentation you wanted to show. You have such a wealth of knowledge to share and fresh way of looking at things. It would have been helpful to have had an additional day. I do hope you can return to Canada another year.
. Thank you again, and many blessings upon you. Gratefully, F.G*.


Dear Philip,
I just wanted to thank you for an excellent workshop. I learned an enormous amount. I have completed another icon since the workshop ended since I wanted to make sure that I kept practicing right away before I forgot what you taught. I enjoyed the workshop immensely and appreciate the time that both you and Olga took with each of the students. I hope that I will be able to take one of your workshops again in the future. Have a good year as your return to Russia. All the best, C.M.


Iconography Workshop in Melbourne (Australia), January 2012

.....Occasionally a brilliant sparkling star traverses the heavens, and one is left wondering in awe at the significance. Was this merely a painting workshop? or was it that and something much more? I had the honour of being a participant in one of Philip Davydov's workshops. I came in unable to hold a pencil or a paint brush correctly. I left with an Icon of Our Lady which people tell me exudes great gentleness. But I know that beneath that gentleness is a great strength, a reflection of the qualities of this remarkable teacher. We were a bunch of middle-aged and older women, and anyone who has had dealings with such a cohort, especially in the workplace, knows how tough that can be when they can be mouthy, irreverent, and determined to push their particular ideas. Philip dealt with it all, gently, firmly and pleasantly. Again, anyone who has had any teaching experience in their lives knows a good teacher when they see one. Such a one is Professor Davydov. He asked for any suggestions that could improve the workshops; he does not need me or anyone else to tell him that or to analyze his teaching style. There is really nothing that could be improved upon. Any shortcomings came from within me ( perhaps to review and recapitulate of an evening the materials of the day), all of which was a reminder that this path we tread continues on into the distance until the pebbles, stones and boulders are no longer needed in this lifetime. It has been my honour to know a beautiful soul. May God bless you greatly, Philip.

Z. v. G*.


Hi Philip and Olga, It looks like you got home in one piece Philip and I hope you did have a good flight. I wish to thank you for your great classes as it was just what I needed. But I have one problem now I am painting little black african children and the little girl ended up with an iconic expression, see you taught me well. ... Love M*.


Hello Philip :) ... I really enjoyed the course i learnt so much that will never forget. You are a wonderful teacher and i hope you continue to teach students and share your incredible talent. It was lovely to have met you, thank you again so much :) Good luck with the rest of your teaching, kindest regards D..


Iconography Workshop in Laurel, 21-25 March 2011

.....Thank you so much for this class as well. I learn so much each time and hopefully I will be able to remember all of it. At some point it always feels like my brain is full. :) .... Thank you for your patience as a teacher. I will keep working and hopefully get some more courage to try things. It was a wonderful week for me and hopefully we weren't too tiring students (well, at least not tiring in a bad way).....Take care and I will see you in July in Jordanville!