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Detail of contemporary icon of Theotokos and Christ Child

Sacred Murals Studio was founded in Saint Petersburg (Russia) by family couple of iconographers, Philip Davydov and Olga Shalamova in June 2001.

Every image in Sacred Murals Studio is created individually, firmly rooted in tradition, but they are nt made to be clones of their medieval prototypes. This approach allows to write (paint) unique icons and frescoes as works of actual Christian church art.

In present time Philip Davydov is a staff lecturer and a scientific secretary of Saint Petersburg Institute or Theology and Sacred Arts where he teaches monumental painting on a permanent basis. Besides, Philip Davydov and Olga Shalamova share their knowledge and experience in intense iconography workshops in the US, Canada and Australia.

If You are interested to acquire or commission an image, to sign up or help in organization of an iconography workshop, please, e-mail us:
or call +7 981 812 42 00.

With warmest regards,
Iconographer Philip Davydov,
Head of Sacred Murals Studio

Our latest news:

I. General and Advanced Iconography workshops in the USA for 2014: »
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II. True Fresco courses in New Brunswick NJ: »
and in Saint Mary's City MD:  »
Brand-new course to learn one of the most inspiring painting techniques

III. Photographs of Iconography Courses in Melbourne »
The Courses conducted by Philip Davydov in ACU Artspace in January 2014

IV. Christmas exhibition "Gifts". (Moscow, Russia) »
Actual art and icons, including those of Olga Shalamova and Philip Davydov.

V. Our latest Newsletter  »
Issue of 25th of March 2014.

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